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spicy sauces handmade in amsterdam

Over 70% tropical fruit in every bottle

Spicy flavors of the Dutch Caribbean


Pastiche most sold

Seaweed Guava Lava

Guava, Dulse and Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce

This recipe for Caribbean Table Sauce combines the sweetness of ripe and juicy guava with the very powerful seafood flavor of dulse seaweed. This sauce completes any dish that requires an extra dimension of both sweet and umami flavors.


Papaya Faya

Papaya and Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce

Papaya Hot Sauce is a classic in the Dutch Caribbean. The Papaya Faya is the most versatile in our collection and goes well with breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.


Soursop Shock

soursop and Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Soursop produces a tangy sour yet fruity flavor like no other fruit. With a minimum of secondary ingredients, a flavor profile is maintained that stays close to the fruit, but is unmistakably a delicious Caribbean style hot sauce.

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