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Cosmic Heat – Looki or Asgarlic


Garlic and chocolate habanero hot sauce

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Garlic and chocolate habanero hot sauce

Where mischief and flavor come together in a bottle inspired by the enigmatic Loki from the Avengers. The garlic and zucchini fulfill their roles perfectly, weaving a tapestry of savory complexity that dances on your palate like Loki himself in the halls of Asgard. But be prepared to be enchanted by the sly heat of chocolate habanero peppers, which add a fiery dimension to any dish.

Like the trickster-god, Looki of Ash Garlic is unpredictable and exciting. With each drop, you will experience a delicious blend of spiciness and mischief that will keep you coming back for more. Drizzle it over your favorite dishes and let the chaos of flavors unfold on your plate.

As Loki would say, “I am charged with glorious heat.

Ingredients: Yellow zucchini, garlic, chocolate habanero, white wine vinegar, water, onion, Provence herbs, salt

150 ml






Cosmic Heat


Chocolate Habanero


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