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  • 250ml

    Papaya Faya

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    Papaya Hot Sauce (Pika di Papaya or Pica di Papapaya) is a classic in the Dutch Caribbean especially in Aruba. The Papaya Faya is the most versatile in our collection, fitting well with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.


    Contains 250ml

    Papaya (71%), vinegar, onion, salt, madame jeanette peppers (5%), habanero peppers, garlic, vegetables in varying proportions (onions, gherkins, cauliflower), sugar, wheat flour, mustard seed, rapeseed oil, spices.

    per 100g
    energie 60kcal / 249kj
    vet 0.69g (waarvan verzadigd 0.1g), koolhydraten 13.73g (waarvan suikers 8.63g), vezels 2.19 g, eiwit 0.98 g, zout 6.42 g

  • 250ml

    Dutch Caribbean 3-Pack Special

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    These sauces are perfect as a topping but also work great as a marinade or to add flavor to your meals.

    You’ll receive:

    1x 250ml Seaweed Guava Lava

    1x 250ml Papaya Faya

    1x 100ml Soursop Shock


  • 250ml

    Mandarin Javelin

    12,95 Add to cart

    Mandarin and Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce – Made with Lemon Basil. Perfect for sweet and sours.

  • 250ml

    Soursop Shock

    12,95 Add to cart

    Soursop and Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce (Zuurzak)

  • 150ml

    White Whale Sauces – Limonhello

    9,75 Add to cart

    A zesty hot sauce based on the flavors of Madame Jeanette peppers and lemon.

  • 150ml

    Cosmic Heat – Kiwisatz Haderach

    10,50 Add to cart

    Chocolade habanero en kiwi hete saus

    Maak kennis met ‘Kiwisatz Haderach’, een hete saus die zijn inspiratie haalt uit de raadselachtige Kwisatz Haderach van Dune.

  • 150ml

    Cosmic Heat – Haba the Hott

    10,50 Add to cart

    Habanero & mango hot sauce.


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