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  • 250ml

    Papaya Faya

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    Papaya Hot Sauce(Pika di Papaya or Pica di Papapaya) is a classic in the Dutch Caribbean especially in Aruba. The Papaya Faya is the most versatile in our collection, fitting well with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.


    Contains 250ml

    Papaya (71%), vinegar, onion, salt, madame jeanette peppers (5%), habanero peppers, garlic, vegetables in varying proportions (onions, gherkins, cauliflower), sugar, wheat flour, mustard seed, rapeseed oil, spices.

    Nutritional value:
    per 100g
    energy 60kcal / 249kj
    fat 0.69g (of which saturated 0.1g), carbohydrates 13.73g (of which sugars 8.63g), fiber 2.19g, protein 0.98g, salt 6.42g

  • 250ml

    Dutch Caribbean 3-Pack Special

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    These sauces are perfect as a topping but also work great as a marinade or to add flavor to your meals.

    You’ll receive:

    1x 250ml Seaweed Guava Lava

    1x 250ml Papaya Faya

    1x 100ml Soursop Shock


  • 250ml

    Mandarin Javelin

    12,95 Add to cart

    Mandarin and Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce – Made with Lemon Basil. Perfect for sweet and sours.

  • 250ml

    Soursop Shock

    12,95 Add to cart

    Soursop and Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce (Soursop)

  • 150ml

    White Whale Sauces – Limonhello

    9,75 Add to cart

    A zesty hot sauce based on the flavors of Madame Jeanette peppers and lemon.

  • 150ml

    Cosmic Heat – Kiwisatz Haderach

    10,50 Add to cart

    Chocolate habanero and kiwi hot sauce

    Meet “Kiwisatz Haderach,” a hot sauce that takes its inspiration from Dune’s enigmatic Kwisatz Haderach.

  • 150ml

    Cosmic Heat – Haba the Hott

    10,50 Add to cart

    Habanero & mango hot sauce.

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