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Pastiche Hot Sauces, a Dutch hot sauce brand from Amsterdam, was born out of a relentless pursuit of passion and resilience. Founded by Claude, from Aruba originally, the brand symbolizes his love for entrepreneurship, veganism, and branding. Despite initial setbacks in starting a fully-fledged vegan comfort food restaurant and operating pop-ups in Amsterdam, the hot sauces always stood out, catching the attention of our customers.

When they began requesting take-home bottles, the real potential unfolded. After a strategic pivot, Pastiche Hot Sauces has focused on creating unique, vegan, Caribbean-inspired hot sauces that are focused on the taste rather than being very spicy.

Today, we proudly offer three flavors - Seaweed Guava Lava, Papaya Faya, and Soursop Shock—which encapsulate our journey and commitment to delivering a little bit of Caribbean heat to your table.

If you never eat hot sauce, they are very spicy. If you are accustomed to spiciness, they would be considered 6/10 hot.

We provide two sizes of our hot sauce bottles. You can choose between our 250ml or 100ml glass bottles. If you're on the go or planning to travel, our 100ml bottles are travel-friendly and can be carried in your hand luggage without any issues for most airlines and airports.

*Please check with your airline and airport before travelling.

Fortunately, the sauces stay good for up to a year after opening.

Unfortunately, we are not organic. It's currently very hard to source organic Guava or Papaya. We do use the absolute best quality ingredients we can get our hands on.

Our ingredients may come from different parts of the world in different seasons. Only the peppers we use are grown in the Netherlands. When possible we source locally, fruits do come from the tropics.

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