Frequently Asked Questions

How spicy are the sauces?
If you never eat hot sauce, they are very spicy. If you are accustomed to spiciness, they would be considered 6/10 hot.

What sizes are available?
Currently, only 250ml glass bottles are available. In the near future, we would introduce 150ml bottles.

How long do the sauces stay good after opening?
Fortunately, the sauces stay good for up to a year after opening.

Do you use organic products?
Unfortunately, we are not organic. It's currently very hard to source organic Guava or Papaya. We do use the absolute best quality ingredients we can get our hands on.

Where do you source your ingredients?
Our ingredients may come from different parts of the world in different seasons. Only the peppers we use are grown in the Netherlands. When possible we source locally, fruits do come from the tropics.