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Pastiche Plant-Based

Today the brand Pastiche offers verchillende (hot) sauces on the market. A simple concept, brought back from originally complex plans by a dreamer who always wanted his own business. How did it get here?

Claude founder of Pastiche Hot Sauces Amsterdam making his Caribbean flavor hot suaces.After graduating from Utrecht University, Claude knew he wanted to start a business that combined three topics he was passionate about: culture, veganism and branding.

The mix of interests led him to the first big idea of an all vegan comfort food restaurant. The idea would combine culinary elements from the Caribbean, where Claude is from, with the more Western type of comfort food.

After asking for a substantial loan from Qredits, he received his first rejection: a letter in very friendly terms explaining that he had no idea what he was doing.

Several months after trying to simplify the restaurant idea and still hearing "no" answers everywhere, he opted for a less risky version of a restaurant, a pop-up. The pop-up operated in two different locations in Amsterdam, unfortunately with mixed results.

One of the menu items that always drew attention at pop-ups was the hot sauces served with the food. Customers began asking for bottles to take home. After the increase in popularity, it was clear: There was a lot of potential in further simplifying the concept into just a hot sauce brand.

Pastiche Plant-Based made the transition to a retail food company and after six months of refining the recipes, we have three hot sauces that we are very proud of.

For example, check out the Seaweed Guava Lava, the Papaya Faya, and the Soursop Shock.

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